ART: Digital Gallery

Little can date me more accurately than my digital art history! I began in ASCI art on Apple IIe terminals; I worked in the Deluxe Paint II program on the Commodore Amiga; I used MacDraw in Mac’s early days. That dot matrix and pixellated output always intrigued me. I generated computer graphics in Aldus Freehand, Alias Sketch,  AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, PaintShop Pro, and finally the Adobe Suite. My older graphics are trapped on floppy disks I have no way to view anymore! I naturally created out-of-the-box designs in every program I’ve touched, using what was available. Today I work in Adobe, with help from my in-house expert: my hubby, also a graphic designer.


Yep, sorry; this one is broken by my host removing the plugin too. More details, see main art page. I’m working on it. – Eilee, late in 2019



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