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Little can date me more accurately than my digital art history! I began in ASCI art on Apple IIe terminals; I worked in the Deluxe Paint II program on the Commodore Amiga; I used MacDraw in Mac’s early days. That dot matrix and pixellated output always intrigued me. I generated computer graphics in Aldus Freehand, Alias Sketch,  AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, PaintShop Pro, and finally the Adobe Suite. My older graphics are trapped on floppy disks I have no way to view anymore! I naturally created out-of-the-box designs in every program I’ve touched, using what was available. Today I work in Adobe, with help from my in-house expert: my hubby, also a graphic designer. Digital work is starting to bleed out from graphic print to web to video and motion graphics as I move from Adobe Photoshop to Illustrator, then InDesign, and now Premier Pro and After Effects doing my own videos (because I can’t afford to hire someone else to, and I have time to learn). They’re fun and very complex (uniquely to each other even), very challenging programs that tax my laptop to its utmost; some videos as small as 30 seconds can take an hour just to export to a usable format for posting, so I don’t process them that often.




Yep, sorry; this digital gallery was broken by my host removing the old gallery plugin. I plan in the future to roll the digital gallery material into the photography page, since there is significant overlap between the two mediums anymore. No rush, but keep an occasional eye out for it. – Eilee, March of 2020.



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