Digital image of a detail of an original acrylic painting by Linda Eileen S. George a.k.a “Eilee” George on canvas for the first Holy Land series with a working title of ‘Garden of Gethsemane’ painted in 2016; 48″ w x 36″ h; a representation of a site Jesus Christ prayed fervently just before His arrest and crucifixion; painted in a rectilinear, fractured style in hues of terra cotta, ochre, beige, brown, cream, charcoal, amber, and a wide variety of greens and grays – Eilee George of exhibits unique concepts and images of her own creation – this is a copyrighted image (and painting/detail) © 2016 L. Eilee S. George, All Rights Reserved. Not to be used in whole or in part or any derivative thereof, without strict written permission by L. Eilee S. George.