ART: Painting Gallery

Eilee: Painting always feels so different to me than drawing; part of that is the nature and scale of the tools. My drawings are tighter; in paintings I’m freer. All paintings you see here are in acrylic, although I have worked in oils and in watercolors. It’s difficult to tell in a photograph, let alone a digital image, but a couple of these incorporate metallic pigments as well as textured impasto I employed to invigorate the composition in some work is lost in transference from the original to an image of it. Please contact me for detail images for any work you are interested in.

* I recently uploaded new paintings that are installed in Calvary Baptist Community Church in Northglenn, CO, as announced in this post and expanded upon in this one. They are now the first 10 images in this gallery. They’re viewable to the public each Sunday. All paintings on this site are available as prints (please contact me to learn sizes and prices), and originals are up for sale unless a painting description notes that the original has been sold or is NFS (Not For Sale). New versions or entirely different landscapes or other genres may be commissioned by contacting me as well. I will even paint custom scenes of personal meaning to you if you send me viable photograph(s) from which to work.

Some of my older work you can see here. It doesn’t really represent my style so much anymore, so I took it off the menu to make room for my Music page. Since they’re paintings, I thought this the most logical, relevant place to have a link to keep it accessible for old time’s sake.




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