It’s about time I begin listing public (but not private) events, mostly open stage appearances, but I am expanding to more venues soon. I’ll try to post where here, since I’m anti-social media. …I know.  😛

Below my CALENDAR, please see the most current and/or relevant FLYERS directly beneath it.  Below that you can find some previous calendar pages and previous flyers if you’re really curious.



calendar for Eilee George music performances 


(and yes, I do design my own swag)

flyer for promoting showcase performance of Eilee George (with 4 other artists) at Best of Open Stage, Swallow Hill Music, April 20 2018, flyer design ©2018 L. Eilee S. George and Smartful Solutions By George, LLC

Love this fresh chapter in my life…this is so cool (giggle). Thanks for checking this out! 🙂


Older Calendars:

calendar for Eilee George music performances


Older Flyers:





eilee george

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