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Oh, my, the adorable mayhem! The cuteness–I can’t stand it! (Well, not really. More please!)



Series Preview FAQ Answers (in this case the “F” stands for “Foreseen”:

  • No, the originals are not this small! They’re nice and big and sharp. Protecting my work for now.
  • Release date TBA; likely sometime in 2021, sooner better than later.
  • Currently considering both traditional and NFT venues. This is more cause for delay than making the work is.
  • Considering minting NFT’s at full size/resolution, in a form providing me royalties, as well as physical, non-exclusive giclée prints.
  • Almost 40 are finished; still more are being developed. It’s a big fun series!
  • They did start out all with flowers (posies), but limitations hinder creativity, so it quickly grew beyond merely that context. The series title “PosieCats” honors the initial concept.
  • Several that are being considered as NFT possibilities have also already been animated. Many of the stills and the animations are also to be used in one of my music videos. The video screenplay pre-dated these images being offered as an art series, and ultimately it will increase the intrinsic value of the prints and quite possibly of the NFTs as well.
  • A few of these images are planned to be featured on positive-message T-shirts, and possibly other products as well.
  • As creator, I reserve rights to reproduce images of my work in any way I see fit. Selling a either a print or a blockchain address code does not equal selling my copyright (way more $ and it’s not for sale). Without me the art wouldn’t exist.
  • Yes, the kitties featured are actually mine. Peekaboo (RIP) is the calico, and Yeti is the ragdoll.
  • If you love the cats, see for lots more of them.
  • Yes, I took all of the photos that were used to create the composites. I love landscape and floral photography and of course the cats are also irresistible. Many flowers were in our yard; my hubby does the gardening; I endanger plants!
  • If you’re in NFTs and know a great venue/platform, please email me and tell me why it is; I’m willing to learn. Thanks!
  • If you want to invest in my continued work, hey, let me know how that works. Shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter








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