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SmARTful Solutions By George logoHi and welcome! I’m Eilee George, and I’m a visual artist, musician and writer, working near beautiful Denver, Colorado. People call me a Renaissance woman. I also do graphic and web design, and give lessons in art, ukulele, and beginning Russian language skills, via my business SmARTful Solutions By George, LLC.

If you’re here via my Twitter, YOU might be seeking my PHOTOGRAPHY or PAINTING!


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UPDATED INFO 2021: COVID is still making the art & music biz difficult.  I wrote a TON of songs but did rest my voice after having the virus. It’s okay; I just needed a wee hiatus. Meanwhile I’ve been rocking my photography. I’m gearing up to sell photos and digital art on the NFT market; see my Twitter for status of this project plus far more photos in my timeline than in the gallery here on the site (I’m learning about the NFT market first).

I CAN STILL DO HOME CONCERT PERFORMANCES if you are interested in hiring me now, since we don’t know when is the true pandemic’s end.  I’m vaccinated/boosted; still, for my part I’ll take all necessary precautions to keep you, your guests and myself safe; I appreciate reciprocation, as I have family in the healthcare sector serving vulnerable and underserved communities.  

Additionally, I’m still designing WordPress websites – and selling painting originals, and painting and photography prints while I copyright all these songs. Also, locally, lessons are still available for drawing or ukulele.

Please help support the living, breathing, original-producing creative community in these trying times. Thank you!

So…what kind of Renaissance woman am I?

Musically, I sing and play ukulele and occasionally other instruments, focusing on styles of the first half of the 20th century, as well as on my own originals inspired by that time.

In visual arts, I work in various media, especially photography, and acrylics on canvas; and sometimes on Masonite, wood, Plexiglas, and other surfaces. I also do artwork on white, black, or colored papers using Prismacolor pencils, graphite, pastels, and pen.

My writing ranges from poetry to short stories to, of course, songs. And I have a lot of blog posts scattered throughout the site.

Image of a flower seed packet with a pink rose and a promo message for Eilee's music making, © 2020 L. Eilee S. George

Before we get to the other links below, I want to put a little thought out there. Musicians and artists of all sorts have had their income decimated throughout this pandemic. Many of us have been trying to find alternate forms of income and in my case, it’s been very difficult. I am trying to formulate a way to fund my efforts to get EP’s, albums, and licensing deals as well as distributions arranged and funded. With no income all year, I need help of people who want to help keep music alive. We can’t create and release in a void – we need you. I’m making a page for funding, and as it develops it will have links added to it to facilitate that – but you can always Contact me directly for sooner options that are more old-school. To read more, please click the rosy “SEED Money” seed packet image adjacent to this paragraph.

Image of the pitch included with images of flower seed packets with different flowers on the front and this being the back: a promo message for Eilee's music making, © 2021 L. Eilee S. George

I genuinely appreciate your interest! I will reward my sponsors when I have some income coming in, if you give me adequate ways to contact you to do so. If you have suggestions of platforms that I can use for this while I’m figuring it out, I welcome the ideas too! Thank you.

One of several Eilee-designed standard flyer background in red and green simplified floral borders with geometric patterns with a promo message © 2020 L. Eilee S. George


I also accept custom commissions for songs, poems and/or artworks, so feel free to contact me with your needs & ideas; I readily brainstorm and accommodate.  You can contact me directly via my contact page for questions, commissions and purchases.  I plan to deligate a PCI-compliant third-party online market site through which purchases will be possible in the future; until then, please contact me directly via my contact form. 

I am in the research stage and wading through an overwhelming abundance of options (and iffy reviews), so if you are an artist/vendor yourself and have any ringing endorsements for a particular one, please contact me here and tell me what it is and why you like it versus others; I will appreciate any input that isn’t a blatant spammy sales pitch.  If I choose your suggestion I may provide you with a free 8×10 print of your choice from the site (only one winner; if multiple folks suggest the winning site I’ll do a drawing for the winner, so please include adequate contact info even if a PO Box).

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy looking through these creative portals.

– Eilee

One of several Eilee-designed standard flyer background in red and green simplified floral borders with geometric patterns with a promo message © 2020 L. Eilee S. George


Now, most of you can just explore the site if you know what you’re after or are in a rush – but for those with older devices, that sometimes are slow to load, the following info and links can be quite helpful too:

The evolution of my music and my artwork will be represented on this site as each develops. To learn more about current events, please visit MY BLOG, and relevant areas of the site such as the calendar and show pages (soon to be called “Gigs”).

To view and go through art lessons in the Elements and Principles of Design and how that applies to drawing and composition, please visit this initial post at the next link, and progress through others as they follow in the links at the bottom of each lesson:

Introduction to the Elements & Principles of Design

Additional types of art lessons can be found in that category of my blog here. There will be more, as I am still developing the series.

The detailed Artist Statement on my About page can be viewed here. Also see my FAQ, and more of my philosophy can be found here.

My more recent artwork can be viewed here.

You can read about my musical pursuits here.

If you live anywhere and want to buy any of the available originals or prints, or to commission custom artwork, or if you live in the Denver/Boulder area and are interested in, for yourself or a family member or friend, tailored private art or ukulele lessons (technique – not theory), or wish to schedule a house concert or celebratory event performance, you can contact me here. I also teach reasonably-priced beginner lessons in Spanish and Russian language, as well as being an ESL tutor and a total Photoshop boss.

I have to say it was a lot of fun to learn web design in the process of beginning to market my art and music! I’ve designed several other sites now; they’re clean, attractive, functional and informative. Web design, graphics for print and web, animated GIF art, logos, copywriting and other marketing and branding services are available through our family business, SmARTful Solutions by George, a site which you can visit by clicking its logo at the top of this page, or just by clicking here.

Well, that covers a lot.  😛






ATTENTION: Please tell me if you observe serious issues on the site and I’ll fix it soonish; I’m experimenting with some new features. Thanks!






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