Storytelling Art

A long time ago, a nine year-old Eilee began her path as a wordsmith, publishing a poem in the school paper. Hundreds of poems and stories later, she’s only just now beginning to consider publishing in earnest.

Baby steps for now: I thought I’d apply my obsessions together–to write fanciful (yet true) stories about my paintings. Every painting has a tale to tell, and at long last, I’ve given them a “voice”. I don’t know how many folks are lounging about on the site looking for stories, but these narratives will really let you in on the essence of the work in a way that dry statistics can never do. See these vignettes here – just scroll down past the main gallery to the “backup” gallery (it’s the only one with real descriptions, and is also past the list of “sold” work titles).


– Eilee


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Cape Town, South Africa