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    Note to waaaay too many web developers spamming me to pay them to “modernize” my site: Just don’t. It’s insulting. My site looks “dated” on purpose, because I sing vintage songs, and paint and write in a retro style. Some advice: offending a prospective client loses business (even if they want help). I do not want unsolicited services; if I change my mind I’ll go to someone I already know and trust, not some rando off the ‘net. And don’t refer to content you didn’t actually take in. If you read this site you’d know that I built it myself, and can edit it at my will, when i see fit. I’m not trying to use my site to become rich and famous; drop the lame promises. Right now I’m content to share, entertain and inform and turn the occasional gig or commission. I’ll do it my way, thanks. 





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