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This is Eilee’s About section, which is further divided into her Ethos page (or Artist’s Statement/bio), in which you’ll learn about her media, techniques, style, inspiration and philosophy of her creations – and also includes her FAQ page (also a bit biographical). You can visit these pages via the links here, or via the appropriate icons that you will see below these first three paragraphs.

Eilee primarily works in acrylic on canvas, colored pencil or graphite on white and hued papers, charcoal on a variety of substrates, or ball-point pen on paper. She also sews, woodworks, welds, drafts in CAD and works laser cutters and designs graphics, web sites, architectural models, fantastical costumes and more. Being a highly trained and experienced fine artist, she can work in varying degrees of realism and abstraction in order to accommodate the goals of a variety of projects.

More info about her can be found across the site, pertaining appropriately to each section, be it art, music or creative writing.



 – Eilee





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