A Sampler of Colorado Beauty

When I was a teen, we went to Colorado for summer vacation, and I fell in love – with the area. We drove up the Pike’s Peak Highway, and stopped along the way to experience the quaking aspens. The breeze shimmered through them like so many chimes, and they leaned and swayed with it like a dance. I didn’t even know yet how sublime they were in autumn: the way the sun illuminated whole groves full of aspens with golden leaves and sparkling white trunks, the light bouncing and multiplying until the entire grove glowed as a single entity.

Today, Colorado is my home. A couple weekends back, my hubby and I trekked up in the mountains on another of our many adventures, and I shot this; they sound almost like a rain stick – please enjoy:

Back to when I was younger, once I decided to accept the invitation of one of the many art schools who had wooed me, there was only one backdrop I desired: those beautiful Rocky Mountains. Every weekend I would voyage into uncharted territory–sans cell phone or GPS–get willingly lost, and found myself enough times to draw a map in my head. I began collecting cozy destination havens and hidden gems with towering ponderosas, cascading waterfalls and carpets of pine needles. One key spot became very dear to me; I showed it to my parents when they visited. Many years later I shared it with my sweetheart, and a few years after that we said our vows there. We visit regularly like giddy newlyweds, although we wed over a decade ago. I’ve photographed and filmed it; I’ve drawn it; I’ve even painted it; here’s a twilight tour of it:

The mountains are a place of refuge, of reconnecting with nature, of awareness of God’s creation; a place to at least feel you are closer to God, in a preview slice of heaven. My hubby and I go out there frequently to reset and reassess our priorities, to adjust our perspectives. A couple of months back, we were on a back road to a camping area and pulled over to enjoy a babbling stream, cooing to us with musical phrases how relaxation is there for anyone who seeks it. Lazy fish circled in the crystal clear water; a sky blue dragonfly traced a figure-eight circuit over a network of tiny waterfalls that bubbled and warbled, as the breeze caressed the trees overhead and a few songbirds harmonized. Welcome to the Rockies; this is their music:

Everyone needs a place to recharge and regroup; nature does that for people. Get away from people, where you can hear your thoughts with no intrusions. Listen to the sounds of the outdoors; it’s a gift and a natural longing within the human creature to connect to our environment and to draw strength from it, for we are part of the Earth. For some, that haven is the beach; for some, it’s the slopes; and for some, it’s the open prairie, or some good rock outcroppings to climb, or even the swamps. For my husband and me, it’s mountain forests with a stream. Find your own oasis, and rejuvenate and thrive.

 – Eilee 







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