Upgrading Imagery

When I first built this site, I uploaded small images of my artwork for the galleries…too small. I have finally corrected this in an effort to provide easier viewing for my visitors.

So I recently uploaded newer, larger images of the paintings already in the Painting gallery, along with a few new paintings. I hope you enjoy the improved viewability! These new ones include very detailed descriptions, for both information about the work, and as a verbal aid for the visually impaired. The new image descriptions are all prefaced with an asterisk (*).

For reasons only known to my subconscious, I’m letting the old ones linger, but the big new ones are the first 34 images in the painting gallery; the smaller, older ones that follow are redundant and will eventually be removed. I plan to repeat this process in the Drawing, Early Work, and Digital pages in the near future, but painting is my first priority today.

All paintings are available as prints (please contact me to learn available sizes and price structure), and originals are up for sale unless a painting image is specifically noted in its description that the original has been sold. You may also request some detailed views of a work (or works) that you may be interested in acquiring. Details can include shots from different angles to showcase texture, reflectivity, or other pertinent features. New versions or entirely different landscapes may be commissioned by contacting me as well. I will even paint custom scenes of personal meaning to you, if you send me viable photograph(s) from which to work.

I hope you enjoy the upgraded painting images! You can see them here.

– Eilee





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