NFTs Coming Soon!

I am pleased, flattered and mind-blown to announce that I have received an invite to put my work on the prestigious NFT platform Foundation. I pushed the quality of my work for years–decades–and this is a rare validation of my efforts. For those unfamiliar, this platform, which is akin to getting into a juried gallery exhibition, is not beginner-level. Some of the best photographers out there are on Foundation, and I am honored to be associated with it.

Artists often toil along without any reward or pay to create art, most of which comes with an enormous up-front cost–but eventually it can get to you; you’re only human. Recognition and sales help to fuel our art, both financially by funding supplies, and creatively, because we can afford to experiment and innovate further.

For this opportunity I am indebted and grateful to my friend Christene, who connected me with Shannon, whom I have only just met. Christene believes in my work and alerted me that Shannon had invites. Shannon bestowed this on me with no prior kinship with me and literally nothing to go on but the power of my portfolio and Christene’s recommendation. Both of these ladies are storm chaser/photographers–and forces of nature for chasing! In fact, this niche genre has a growing and passionate throng of WOMEN WHO ROCK creating these incredible image of live storms, at great risk to their own safety. Each lady has gorgeous photographs well worth checking out:

Christene has her Twitter page, and a fun and adventurous YouTube channel with live chasing footage and authentic storytelling – it’s a dangerous and interesting life, storm chasing! I very rarely do it, as I had more tornados than I cared for growing up in and around Joplin, MO and Jonesboro, AR; each has been wiped out by them in the past. It’s better that Christene shows you the ropes, because she definitely can do it with humor!

Shannon is, of course, on Foundation but also hosts her photos at her website – or visit her Twitter at @shannbil if you tweet (or if you don’t)! You can also find links to her Instagram and OpenSea from her Twitter. If you act fast, she has a most fascinating video of a live tornado on Foundation!

Here’s the tweet with my work samples (that apparently did their job) that I submitted for consideration:

I am SO excited!!!!

Be assured: I’m taking all of the necessary time to set this up and do this NFT launch right…I will let you know when ready….




 – Eilee






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