Eilee has designed her new logo for her Foundation account and her custom hashtag on Twitter: #EiCandee



This is the new NFTs HUB page for linking to all Eilee’s future collections, with their respective information and links. On Twitter I showcase my photos, poetry and the like under my personal hashtag #EiCandee – and each NFT collection will be under it, as well as under its collection hash, and under #EileeNFT as well.

When I mint and list my genesis collection, and all subsequent ones, you will see them listed, each with its own page, immediately following this sentence.

  • (Pending…)

If you know what NFTs are, skip to the next paragraph! An NFT is a unique digital collectible, placed or “minted” on a blockchain and listed/sold on certain platforms, which is like a digital public ledger that shows provenance and purchase history, and that collectible can be derived from many different types of creative outputs including photography, painting, digital art, music, poetry, videos and much more. NFTs can be sold/bought as rare 1 of 1 items, or as editions, or in fractionalized ownership among multiple collectors. This allows for different price points to accommodate different budgets. Just as in traditional arts venues, you do not automatically by the intellectual property rights along with the work, so you do not have rights of reproduction, distribution, creating derivative works, etc.  Technically you own the link to the location of the work on the blockchain, and depending on the terms in the smart contract, you may or may not have additional perks, such as the ability to use it as a background on devices of various sizes, or as a profile picture on social media, or membership in an exclusive community, or even an accompanying physical work or exclusive advanced or discounted access to future works of the creator’s on new releases. Artists can build communities, earn royalties, even create works that change under specific circumstances programmed into the smart contract. There are other aspects and I invite you to research more.

I am multiply creative as most folks know, and when I became aware of this growing community and its versatile possibilities, I immediately saw the potential, and that it is the inevitable direction of the creative community, for the freedom and control it offers artists. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

I plan to have NFTs in many media, because this blockchain world allows me to escape the traditional art world’s limitations that foolishly dictate to many artists that they must specialize and not experiment and work in other genres or arts, let alone combine them in a fusion way the way I hope to. I plan to release collections and artworks that include:

  • Photographs
  • Digital Images of Paintings
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Photographs + Poetry
  • Paintings + Music
  • Paintings + Poetry
  • Photographs + Poetry + Music
  • Paintings + Animation
  • Anything + Video

–And whatever else I come up with. There is a lot of crossover in my arts according to subject matter, mood, and many other connecting factors; the possibilities are infinite.

This new frontier is a natural evolution from my decades-old experience in Digital Art. Little can date me more accurately than my digital art history! I began in ASCI art on Apple IIe terminals; I worked in the Deluxe Paint II program on the Commodore Amiga; I used MacDraw in Mac’s early days. That dot matrix and pixelated output always intrigued me and influenced my aesthetic in other areas. I generated computer graphics in Aldus Freehand, Alias Sketch,  AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, PaintShop Pro, and finally the Adobe Suite. My oldest graphics are trapped on floppy disks I have no way to view anymore! I naturally created out-of-the-box designs in every program I’ve touched, using what was available. Today I work in Adobe. Digital work is bleeding out from graphic print to web to video and motion graphics as I move from Adobe Photoshop to Illustrator, then InDesign, and now Premier Pro and After Effects. Some videos as small as 30 seconds can take an hour just to export to a usable format for posting, but I’m making progress.

NFTs as a topic here are so new that I haven’t integrated it into the Site Map yet. I just pulled a generic “Galleries” icon to represent it for now, because really, it is a combination of ART | MUSIC | PROSE.

I’m very excited about this new chapter!!









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