New Videos Page!

At long last, I’ve finally compiled and posted some of the videos I’ve made, learning to play ukulele and sing, and performing in various places. I decided it’s time to market myself a little, and to give some insight into the process of learning a musical pursuit to other beginners by showing what I went through to get where I am now.

The new VIDEOS page can be found here, or by hovering over the Music menu to get the sub-menu title “Videos” to show up. It’s still being populated with all of the videos I mention I’m to have on it, but it has a good amount of content on it already, and a fat lot of custom code to organize it and give easy navigational jump links.

All of the videos are in Mobile sizing, so if you try to enlarge them, they will just look blurry, so I don’t recommend it.

I’m really happy to announce this new milestone! I hope you enjoy!

— Eilee

P.S. I’m still not giving up my artwork. Or my writing. Don’t worry!






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