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Welcome to Eilee’s Listening Room! Hope you enjoy relaxing for a spell in our custom setting for some soothing sounds for your senses. Grab a beverage and cozy up.   (Still gathering media; we’re redesigning this week) Thanks for your patience.  



If you would like to hear some samples, please see below, or again, if you prefer a broader sample check out my VIDEOS page, or even use the CONTACT form and I will work with you directly. Otherwise, following here are (1) a sample live recording – also (2) there is one phone-vid posting I know of that the owner of this amazing pizza place posted on his Facebook page – and finally (3) one of many multi-track recordings I did on Garage Band:

(1) “To Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan: my live cover here is very raw, recorded on Garage Band, no studio pro, no editing/splicing, no effects, no walls; just me and the uke on a single track (and possibly a neighbor’s dog or muscle car in the background, sorry; I must work my way up to better accommodations):

(2) “Sway” a.k.a. “¿Quién sera?”, composed by Luis Demetrio & Pablo Beltrán Ruiz; English lyrics by Norman Gimbel. For my cover excerpt here, please forgive video/sound quality; it’s a phone! It’s at the following link via the thumbnail:

That’s my vintage uke in that vid – 40-something years old and counting; my folks bought it in Hawaii in 1971. It has sentimental value mostly; I use higher-quality ukes now and I really want to preserve it. And… (oops if you’re reading their description) – just to clarify, 🙂 the name is spelled Eilee – and pronounced like Riley without the R. By the way, Infinitus Pi (where this vid was shot) makes awesome-tasty pizza, and can supply a great gluten-free crust as well! (Disclaimer: so far they have no idea I’m pitching them. I just love their Pi, especially the Tamika, drrooooolllll….) We frequent the Broomfield locale. That’s my hubby trying to dodge the camera in the background. Caught ya! (He better get used to the attention; he’s learning electric bass). 😉

(3) “60’s Medley” – thanks to the Association and the Fab Four – this is one of my favorite multi-track works; all tracks are by my own vocalization or instrumentation. It’s not a great quality recording since I lacked the equipment, but what it does offer is an illustration of my ability to do unique and beautiful arrangements:


I’m adding videos I made on the new Videos Page – please visit it, as I will be updating it from time to time, but not likely updating this page too often.


       – Eilee      




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