A Little Poetry

I was about to post this to Twitter after working on it off and on today. I kept adding thoughts to it, so it became sort of a suite, if not stanzas, which are most irregular for this form (rules, schmalz), but feel free to read each as an autonomous unit. I’ve written poetry since I was about nine (and started winning contests right away). So much of my poetry of late has been channeled into songs instead of pure poetry; it’s nice to get back into the practice – like a hug from an old friend. This is a little out of my normal style, but what can I say; I felt called. So here’s some haiku for you, brought on by a few current and converging phenomena:

4-stanza haiku written by L. Eilee S. George 9 April 2020 combining themes of a pink supermoon, a deadly pandemic, and recovering from a parallel illness and reuniting with her husband

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Cape Town, South Africa