WOW: Words of Wisdom

Look, listen and learn in life: this process never ends.

If you appreciate a man and his talent, don’t exploit him or it.

Mistakes are okay; incessantly repeating them isn’t.

Refuel your spirit in the glory of nature.

Life is challenging. Don’t add self-inflicted problems too.

Cherish life’s simpler things. Some may disappear if you don’t.

Forgive, but in order to learn, don’t forget.

Purge the pain & cling to the good; be a victor & not a victim.

Quench that instinctual thirst to create and express.

If you think you can’t, try anyway.

Inconsistent practice degrades credibility and results.

Assigning blame never solved the problem at hand.

The best option is that with integrity.

The arts stimulate higher levels of cognitive activity.

“Alone” doesn’t mean “lonely”. Solitude offers growth potential.

Don’t sacrific life for making a living.

Don’t spend money you don’t have on stuff you don’t need.

Do your part – or let those who’ll do theirs take your place.

You’re only open to learn if you admit you don’t know it all.

One’s reputation is only as good as one’s word & actions.

Bullying others exposes much about the bully’s weakness.

No human requires another to justify his or her existence.

Don’t dismiss elders’ advice as outdated; some truths are eternal.

Your brain is slower than the speed of sound – think before you speak.

Dogged devotion to the wrong conclusion won’t make it right.

The best selfish pleasure is doing something for someone else.

You’re likely not the first to go through this, whatever it is.

If you don’t want to pay for someone’s skill & time, do it yourself.

If you don’t invest back into your firm, consumers won’t either.

I am accountable only for my own actions and words.

Power achieved at another’s cost reveals one’s moral regression.

Youth is wasted on the young. Youth is also relative. Live today.

Denying truth won’t negate it; it is the axis upon which all else rests.

You can’t help a man without his consent.

Art is all around you. Every man-made thing was designed by someone.

Prejudice is dumb. Both bad people and good can come in any package.

Forgiveness is chiefly for your own healing, then for the forgiven.

If you don’t like the person in the mirror, change.

Growing pains can be transformed into growing power.

Trust and respect go both ways: earn and maintain it to get it.

Honor these words: “Thanks”, “I’m sorry”, “Good job”, “I love you”.

Inspiration isn’t always necessary. Work anyway – it’ll come to you.

Idealism won’t produce the desired results in the wrong venue.

Live full for the journey – not just how it ends.

The key to “self worth” is found in the “self”.

Detach from emotion and advise yourself as you would others.

If it needs a “sell”, you neither need nor want it.

Beauty fades, fame is fleeting, riches flee; find better priorities.

Beliefs aside, the Bible, the Tao teh Ching, etc. have sound advice.

Live so you have nothing to fear from the truth getting out.

Blind trust of strangers can backfire – jerks never warn that they’re jerks.
Those viewed as weak often are stronger in spirit than their oppressors.
Art at its best reaches its maker’s intent, be it expression, technique or aesthetics.



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