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New Work and a New Exhibit

4 Seasons ThumbsI’ve participated in a few events since I last updated the site, and regrettably I have been remiss in reporting them. Among other things, I’ve been represented by Carla Wright Gallery in Denver for years, and more recently participated in a special exhibit at my church for a fundraiser. I am working hard on developing a new series, but first I thought I’d let you know that I just finished a new group of paintings!

I have finally finished my Four Seasons series. Check out the Painting Gallery here in order to see Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; they’re listed close to the top now. The concept and planning stages of these works were intensive, as I had a very specific vision for these paintings, and execution was key. Planning paid off, and I am very happy with how they turned out!

Additionally, I have decided to put some work into a little open-call exhibit at CORE New Art Space at 9th and Santa Fe in Denver. Much of the art that is on display is also for sale, so come on over to find a unique collection of beautiful little “jewels” of art. The show is titled “Grand Petit – Small Art” and features works that are 12″ or smaller in any and all dimensions. It’s juried by Charles and Michele Whitley, Publishers of ArtScape Colorado, the brilliant free guidebook of all things arty in Denver that is ubiquitously available in almost every gallery.

I submitted for jury my works entitled Poetree, Unitree, and Entree, which also can be viewed in the Painting Gallery. Apparently CORE got quite a lot of entries, and there was a real rush going on when I arrived with mine. Soon I was notified and congratulated by the gallery that my work was accepted but I don’t yet know which works made it in – so I’ll update this when I know. [Update: all 3 got in, and Poetree and Entree both sold on opening night!]

So join us at the opening at Core New Art Space, 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, on November 14, 2014; from 6pm-9pm, or any open hours through November 30 (Th 12-6, F 12-9, Sat 12-6, Sun 1-4). It’s going to be a fun night. [It was!]






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