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Here are scheduled events on Eilee’s performance calendar, mostly open stage appearances and performances at retirement homes and memory care facilities (perfect fits for her repertoire), but she is expanding to more venues soon.

If they’re not private events, I’ll try to post where here, since I’m anti-social media. …I know, I know.  😛 Well, I did get Twitter finally. And Vimeo.

Below my current CALENDAR, please see if there are any current and/or relevant FLYERS directly beneath it.  Below that you can find some needlessly old previous calendar pages and previous flyers if you’re really crazy curious.














(And yes, I do design my own swag.) This one’s past, but I’ll put NEW! on new ones so you see.

flyer for promoting showcase performance of Eilee George (with 4 other artists) at Best of Open Stage, Swallow Hill Music, April 20 2018, flyer design ©2018 L. Eilee S. George and Smartful Solutions By George, LLC

Love this fresh chapter in my life…this is so cool (giggle). Thanks for checking this out! 🙂


Older Calendars: (when I got around to making them)

calendar for Eilee George music performances


calendar for Eilee George music performances


Older Flyers, and General Promo Poster:

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